Saturday, May 22, 2010

record geek ruminations

I had a note from Melora Creager, the founder and leader of cello-driven art rockers Rasputina in which she made a querulous reference to the term "record" regarding Rasputina's upcoming 7th full length release "Sister Kinderhook" which sparked me to respond with the following, which I now share with you for no esp. good reason!

"record" is still a valid term for what a full length release
it still is a "recording" of sound events
and a permanent "record" of those sound events
"album" is still valid too.
people forget the genesis of the term
sound recordings were initially cylinders that captured one performance
then flat platters that had one performance per side
in order to capture longer pieces of music - symphonies and the like
you'd use multiple flat discs that would be gathered in a booklet - basically they adapted the format use for PHOTO ALBUMS - hence the name
so it still betokens a collection of recordings of multiple sound events
CD = Compact disc - it's the medium
LP, hmmm that's "Long playing" so actually that could apply to something that appears on CD
12" LP album would be the most accurate terminology

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