Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We have predators as part of our household. In the past, dogs, currently, cats. And they do get to prowl outside, at least the backyard. And every now and then they will do what comes naturally and leave the evidence around to help us to learn to hunt.

To me it's always sad to find the remains of some little being dispatched from manifestation by members of our household, but such is the way of the world.

Today, I hear a squirrel giving the squirrel alert outside my upstairs window. Usually meaning they've spied one of our cats. Which is no big deal. But I decide to take a peak and see which cat it is. I see Stella, who's all black, on the ground with something large and grey in her mouth. I pause, take another look - it's moving!

I give a shout and tap on the glass to startle Stella - breaking the glass in the process. That gets her attention and she drops what she's got in her mouth. I go tearing down stairs and out side expecting the worst.

I find a baby bunny rabbit - lying still but not bloody. After a few second it gives a kick and opens its eyes. Tries to hop off but sorta fumbles around. I run back inside, pick up a USPO bin and gloves and gather up the rabbit. It gives a squeak of distress. I place it in the bin on a wash cloth (for traction). It's still sort of flopping but no blood at all. Eyes wide open. Sits up. One paw is flopping out to the side. I call our vet to see if he'll just examine the bunny as I know he won't treat feral animals and he won't.

Meanwhile the bunny is getting more alert, more active and moving around the bin. It seems like the shock is wearing off. It's keeping all four paws under itself.

Consulting with the missus, we guess that the rabbit's nest is in hole in the garden shed in the next yard. I take the bin out, prise up the fence so there's a clear path to the hole, slowly tilt over the bin and the bunny goes scurrying out, over to and down the hole, taking a quick peek backwards before disappearing.

This is the ending to this sort of encounter that ya pray for!

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