Thursday, April 22, 2010

my find in New Orleans

On our last full day in New Orleans, I got slightly loaded at Stanley's (on Jackson Square) and commenced the only real shopping we did. Braved the long take out line at Cafe Du Monde and bought a couple cans of their Coffee & Chicory blend -- my favorite coffee in the world (no knock against NOLA's Community Coffee; but I likes this better). Then I wound up at Louisana Music Factory. Not really having a lot of time I availed myself of the advice of the gents behind the counter. "Can you recommend any homegrown funk?" The man hands me a Galactic CD. Hmmm. "Sir, I appreciate this recommendation but might there be anything that I wouldn't know about and be able to readily snag off Amazon?" I'm advised that there hasn't been much NOLA funk come down the pike since the glory days of the Meters BUT he hands me the Dumpstaphunk "Listen Hear" EP - PAYDIRT!

To my jaded old ears this seems like a nice end result of the evolutionary line from the Meters to Parliament's "Mothership Connection" (their most NOLA sounding joint methinks) to Fishbone's "The Reality Of My Surroundings" (which I like better than their earlier ska offerings) and now to this. Heavy guitar delivering wonderfully syncopated lines that highlight the "blues" in Rhythm & Blues, killer rhythm section: solid, chunky, swinging. Coarsely handsome vocals.

These guys are fronted by Ivan Neville of that legendary NOLA musical dynasty -- also a veteran of Keith Richard's side projects.

This has got to be one of my favorite records of the year to date!

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